You Will Never “Find Time”. If You Want It, You Must Create It.

The number one excuse I always hear when it comes to making progress and following your dreams and goals is time.

“I don’t have the time for that.”
“I’ve too much going on.”
“I have enough on at the minute without having to worry about that.”
“I work all day and when I get home I’m too tired.”

These are all symptoms of the same problem.

We can’t manage time, only activities.

Time never stops… the beggar and the billionaire both have 24 hours in the day. So what is the difference between the two?

It’s your ability to have an acute focus and prioritise the things that’s going to progress you in the direction you want.

What you focus on you attract, so a clear vision of where you want to go and focusing on the important tasks that will get you there faster is so important (use Pareto’s Principle).

Activity Management is a skill. One that I had to learn and become good at, in my own life.

When I was moving towards building my coaching business, I had a full-time 9-5 Software Testing job, I was growing two businesses (a full time job in itself), I was the president of Junior Chamber International Belfast (the local chapter of a not-for-profit organisation,

I was working on my fitness goals by going to the gym 3 times a week and playing football, I was learning to dance twice a week, and then I had to fit in the activities of socialising with friends and family, on top of all the general life activities which consume you.

I had to learn how to  manage my activities in order to create the time I needed.

How do we learn the skill of Activity Management and manage our activities and create time?

It’s not actually that hard.

Here’s how you do it.

Every night, before you sleep, write out a list of things you are you are going to do tomorrow, to move you closer to your goal.

I call these your Action Steps, and there should be between 2-6 things maximum.

This isn’t a general To-Do List, you can write a separate To-Do List if you need to, for your general tasks to maintain your life and stay on top of things.

Action Steps are goal-orientated specific tasks using Pareto’s Principle that are going to move you closer towards your goal on a daily basis and at an accelerated rate!

Slow progress over time focusing on the important tasks, is much more effective and efficient than losing days by getting side tracked on things that aren’t moving you closer towards your goal.

This is how you create time. By managing your activities in the right way, a hyper-productive acutely focused way.

This will help you get things done and start achieving goals. Time is fixed each day, everyone gets the same 24 hours. How you use that time is a choice.

Life is complicated enough. Keep it simple.

Create the time you want in your life by managing your activities towards your goal.

Write out your Action Steps every night and learn the Skill of Activity Management.


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