About Phil Hunter (Personal)

About Phil Hunter (Personal)

So what does Phil Hunter do when he’s not coaching?

He is also founder and CEO of Platinum Websites, a web development company that creates websites for entrepreneurs, start ups and small business. Phil Hunter is President of JCI Belfast, a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating young leaders, through developing leadership skills, networking and making a positive impact on local communities. JCI is a fantastic organisation to be apart of which really empowers people to make a difference in the world through active citizenship and a great way to meet like-minded people with a passion for self-development. It has been a massive role in developing his leadership, networking and interpersonal skills.

Phil Hunter’s used to be a passionate and enthusiastic kickboxer. He studied and competed in the kickboxing ring for 9 years and it was a huge part of his early life developing and improving his confidence and teaching him discipline. Mixed Martial Arts will always hold great memories for him and although he doesn’t practice it anymore, the life lessons, skills and knoweldge he learnt, will allows remain, which he still applies to is everyday life.

Another huge passion of Phils, when he isn’t helping people reach their potential and acheive success, is dancing. He has danced for over two years now and still enjoys enjoys learning Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. He says, “It is a fun way to tune-off from the world and a way to express my creative side through dance. Afro-latin dance has an amazing community of multi-national people from all over the world, so apart from learning to dance, you get to experience the culture of people from all over and, just like travelling, it helps you to expand your mind and perspective by sharing and hearing their stories .”

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