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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to help people and I’ve always had a great compassion for others. I get my sense of fulfilment and happiness from helping others achieve success, whether it’s in business or life.

I was always very shy, introverted and quiet most of my life. I later came to realise this stemmed from my feelings of low self-esteem and never feeling good enough. For me, and millions of others, I knew there more to me than working a mundane lifestyle. The world can teach you to become cold and distant, which leads you to protect and close yourselves off from life.

I realised that taking risks and challenging myself was one of the best things I could ever do. There have been many moments like that where I had to step out of my comfort zone to grow. That was my journey to improve my confidence, and overcome my fears. For many years I struggled with my self-image. I was content in life but I never felt I was good enough.

The real lasting change happened when I got myself a mentor and coach. I wrestled for days whether I should get myself a coach or not. All the personal development knowledge I had learnt up to that point was pushing me in that direction, but my low confidence, poor decision making and my current logic and thinking was pulling me away. I had to take a risk and make a decision.

It that was the best decision of my life, and I started a new chapter in my life which shaped my future. I created a compelling vision and goals to get there. It was obvious that my enthusiasm for personal development, understanding psychology and my love for helping others could only mean one thing for me, and that was to become a life coach to help others and to help them achieve success too.

When you shift your perception to purpose and vision, and decide to choose a new path, to shape and design your life and go after it, it’s empowering and leads to clarity, drive and motivation.

Now, I run my own life coaching and website businesses, I have books and e-books sold around the world and I help people achieve success in their lives.

Coaching is my passion, and it’s brought me happiness and purpose. We all want to play, have fun and enjoy life, and most people aren’t doing that. I want to create that for others, reconnect them with their purpose and help them live a passion-filled life doing what they love by creating lasting strategies and powerful change. I understand that everyone can have a positive impact on the world by living their truth and living that passion-filled life.

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What Our Clients Say

“Phil is one of the most hard working people I know. His attention to detail and dedication to his craft is what sets him apart and he will absolutely help and guide you in whatever way you need. A great guy.”

Kyle McDowell


“Are you looking for that extra step towards success? Coach Phil Hunter is the guy you are looking for. He’s always motivating and inspiring others to achieve greatness. Phil has an in-depth knowledge in the success mindset and how to apply it to your everyday life. I highly recommend Coach Phil’s services to anyone who wants to take action towards a life worth living!”

Daniel Telford

Business Owner, Copywriting

Phil’s dedication to being the best coach he can be is inspiring. He’s energetic, fun, knowledgeable and just an all round great person. Phil’s guidance through his coaching business has given me the tools to tackle any challenge that comes my way, and I’m very grateful to have his support.

Michael John Harvey

Business Owner, Landscaping

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