A Better Future Is Created By Appreciating What You Have In The Present

There are 86400 seconds in the day.

Have you spent 1 of them saying, “Thank you”?

Thank you to your supportive family and friends who are there for you.

Thank you for the friends who you can hang out with when you are excited and want to celebrate.

Thank you for old friends who have taught you some life lessons.

Thank you for your health; your arms, legs, lungs, eyes, ears, heart, skin. There are those who are less fortunate in those areas, who have been denied them or lost them through unfortunate accidents, service to the country, or through birth defects.

Thank you to the roof over your head and the running water, there are millions out there who have neither.

Thank you for money that flows to you, however much or little, it is enough to get you by. There are many around the world who spend part or all of their life having to live on the kind charity of others due to misfortunes or troubled lives.

Thank you for the abundance of opportunities. We live in the Age of the Entrepreneur, a world with 24/7 access to an endless sea of information, knowledge and wisdom. Try going back to a world with no Internet, where tedious, laborious, scrupulous time was spent at libraries, digging through books and collecting data, which as right at your fingertips today.

Thank you to yourself and your willingness and eagerness to learn and grow. For reading these posts, following the social media content, investing in yourself and your life, and having the desire for wanting to improve, learn and grow, so that you can create a better future for you, your family, friends and everyone you come into contact with or those you can influence.

Thank you for the pain and suffering you had to go through, to learn wisdom, empathy, kindness and joy. You can only experience certain levels of joy and happiness in contrast to sadness, pain and suffering.

There is lots to be grateful for, and there are many more things I could show appreciation for here.

But I don’t want to take up anymore of your seconds.

I encourage and challenge you to carry on the list.

Spending just a few seconds of your day being thankful, can dramatically change or increase your mood, your perception of life, optimism of the future, your business, your well-being and mental health, and your ability to start creating lasting change within yourself.

A better future is created by appreciating what you have in the present.

When you spend a second to be grateful, it is a second spent well.

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