The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek

Fear is the biggest blocker of dreams.

If you want to get ahead in life, and achieve success, you must come against this troublesome obstacle and cultivate the courage to overcome your fears.

The bad news, fear never completely goes away.

The good news, you can learn to manage, overcome and deal with it, by understanding it, and choosing how you respond to the physiological and chemical response that fear produces. You can turn fear into excitement.

Breaking through fear barriers leads to social, financial and spiritual freedom.

As Joseph Campbell says, “The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek.”

Fear is a powerful and primitive human emotion, and can be divided into two stages, biochemical and emotional.

The first thing, is that the chemical response in your body, produced by the limbic system, the emotional circuit of the brain that evolved in mammals, which controls the body’s stress response, which is almost identical in both fear and excitement. They are essentially the same thing.

When you are on a roller coaster or you’re about to get up and talk in front of thousands of people, the limbic system instructs the body to increase your breathing and heart rate, release adrenaline, dilate your pupils, and make your palms sweaty.

So then, what makes the difference?

Well, the difference is in how you emotionally interpret that chemical and physiological response. It’s how you perceive it.

The biochemical response is universal, while the emotional response is very individual.

It’s the thoughts and emotions we associate to that biochemical response that makes the difference.

Skydivers and adrenaline junkies all experience the same biochemical response that you would, they just interpret it differently in their head.

They associate that adrenaline rush with excitement and feeling alive, embracing all the emotions and even revelling in it.

This is what you must learn to do, if you want to overcome fear. Change the meaning you give it. Change your emotional response.

Yes, have the nerves, the sweaty palms and the rushing of the heart, but interpret it as excitement, and you will learn to enjoy and embrace it, and maybe even revel in it too.

The more you do it, the more you face your fear, the easier it becomes.

The Rule of 3 is something that I have found helpful to overcome my own fears and you can use it too.

The rule is simply that it takes 3 times to overcome fear to the point where its more manageable.

When doing a skydive for example, the first time you do it, it will probably be terror mixed with excitement.

Then the second time you do it, it will still be terrifying but a little less terror and more excitement.

Your mind is starting to adapt, it has a reference point and you start building up comfort and confidence (in the case of skydiving, its probably knowing that you aren’t actually going to die and your mind becomes more comfortable with the fear and danger).

The 3rd time you do it, there will be more excitement than fear, your mind acclimatises to the experience and you become more emotionally adept at dealing with it.

This is how you manage, overcome and deal with fear.

Then you move on to the next fear Barrier.

By going through this cycle you unlock more and more potential and move ever closer to social, financial and spiritual freedom.

What fears do you have that are holding you back from achieving your goals?

Are you running into the fear barrier and remaining stuck in the same place, or are you learning to smash through it?

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