Paradigms Are Powerful Because They Create The Lens Through Which We See The World

Paradigms are the key to understanding powerful change.

They are what determines the results you get in life.

A paradigm is a group of thoughts that exist in the subconscious, that form a belief system around a certain topic.

We have thousands of them.

They are usually passed down through generations.

You can have large scale paradigms, for example, societal paradigms such as capitalism or communism, cultural paradigms such as holistic healing eastern based medicine vs western science based medicine.

You can have smaller ones like parental paradigms; your belief system based around the values you were raised with. “Turn the lights off when you aren’t using them”, “respect your elders”, or “take your hat off before you enter a house”; a paradigm that is not so common anymore.

You see paradigms can change and shift over time and through learning and growth.

You can have even smaller individual personal paradigms based on your experiences, such as “I’m not good enough”, “I could never learn to salsa dance”, or “I could never start my own business”.

They are all interlinked and form a complex neural network in your brain, but you can understand them better by realising that paradigms are just small groups of belief systems that form around a certain topic or subject, and they have a huge influence on your behaviour.

For example, if your personal paradigm is “I could never learn to dance”, then you simply won’t even try. If your parental paradigm is “take your hat off when you enter a house”, then guess what… you will more than likely take your hat off as you enter a house. Or you will apologise and quickly remove it, when you realise you forgot to take it off.

You can look at paradigms as belief bubbles.

The word stems from the greek word, “paradeigma”, meaning a pattern or model. In this case, a pattern of thoughts.

These patterns of thoughts are usual passed on, which is why you might have heard people say, “The apple doesn’t fall too far the tree”.

Paradigms are your part of your subconscious programming, and they control and govern your behaviour.

If you want to determine someone’s paradigms, look at the results they are getting, because how you think determines your behaviour, which determines the results get in life.

If you want to make a massive shift in the direction of your life, then understand this concept of paradigms, and start asking yourself, are these paradigms I have serving me. Are they getting me the results I want and getting me to where I want to be.

Paradigms exist in the subconscious and are therefore part of our autopilot mind.

We are given most of them through genetics (nature), many through programming from our environment (nurture) which includes the cultural, social, political, parental, and the rest through our personal experience.

Our subconscious mind was evolved over time to allow the brain to conserve energy by following a habitual path.

If you want to change the results you are getting in life, trace it all the way back to the root cause.

Results come from your behaviour, and your behaviour comes from your thoughts.

Where do your thoughts come from?

Bingo… your belief system, values and paradigms.

Start questioning your current thinking, why do you have those thoughts? Are they really even yours to begin with, or were they passed down generations through paradigms?

Once you start to realise that, you can start to change them to ones that are going to benefit you, and you can start creating lasting change in your life, and move you closer to where you want to be.

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