Until You Value Yourself, You Won’t Value Your Time. Until You Value Your Time You Will Not Do Anything With It

When create self-belief, self-esteem and strong inner confidence in, you start to value yourself.

When you value yourself, you start to value your time, and you become more aware of what you are capable of, and your ability to achieve things, by focusing your energy in the right direction.

It’s called self-efficacy. One’s belief in one’s ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task.

Back at the start, when I got myself a coach, I developed this incredible belief and self-efficacy and started moving towards what I really wanted in life, which for me, was creating my own coaching business to help others and to make a career doing something I loved and was passionate about.

It was a crazy time back then, I had so much going on working on a coaching business, a website business, I was the president of a local chapter in an organisation, called Junior Chamber International, and I was still in a professional full time software testing job, and this doesn’t even include making the time for my fitness goals, dancing, family and socialising.

I now have a lot for freedom in all areas of my life, socially, financially, spiritually and mentally.

I never ever used the excuse on myself that I don’t have time.

I created the time by managing my activities, becoming more organised and disciplined, and becoming driven to create the freedom and lifestyle I now experience.

I didn’t realise it back then, but I learnt to value my time by valuing myself.

And that’s what I encourage you to do. Start realising there’s a lot of potential to be tapped into.

Anything is possible, with the right change and strategy.

Start valuing yourself by realising that within yourself. Only then, can you start valuing your time and how you spend it.

Valuing yourself is the starting block for improvement in all areas of your life.

When you do that, you start to value your time and that’s when you will become better at using it.

How do you learn to start valuing yourself more?

The first step, I just mentioned, is understanding your own greatness; the potential inside you to achieve and create. You have to realise that in yourself, its part of your journey towards self-actualisation.

The second step is understanding your internal belief systems and paradigms, and figure out if they are serving you, or working against you.

The third step is to create a good support structure, surrounding yourself with the right people who lift you up. Cut out negative people and find the right mentors and coaches, people who inspire you.

I call this creating the environment for success.

The last step is to implement the right strategies that work for you, to move you in the direction of your goals and what you truly want from life (if you aren’t sure what that is, then maybe start asking yourself those questions and do a bit of soul-searching).

Strategies are plans of action to achieve a goal or aim, and they are there to compliment your mindset (80% mindset 20% strategy).

Value yourself. You have a lot to offer the world; you are capable of making a difference.

To yourself, to family, friends, the community or humanity.

Value yourself, and you will learn to value your time, and you will start using that time for the things that are important and meaningful to you in your life.

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