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clarity & direction

What does success mean to you? Not everyone wants the same things. Discover and create your life goals. Find out what success means to you. The lets go after it.

passion & purpose

Learn to motivate yourself internally and not rely on external circumstances. Create your why and you create your purpose. Start living with passion and do what you love.

reprogram your mind for success

Your mind is 95% subconscious. That's what drives your behaviour. Learn to reprogram that part of your mind to create new patterns of behaviour and achieve personal success.

unlock your potential

Release the handbrakes of your life and accelerate your way to success. Most of the time, we hold ourselves back. It's time to find out what you are actually capable of.

Maximise your energy levels

Understand and learn what is required to create a mental shift from a lack of energy to peak states in performance and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Reach your goals

Learn what it takes to reach success by becoming the person you need to be. Build up your confidence, overcome fear and understanding your potential are all essential components on your journey.

Success is what you attract by the person you become.


Our clients say

"Honestly, I cannot thank Phil enough for everything he continuously does! Not only for myself, but for everyone he mentors. Even though I still have a long way to go, Phil makes the process fun and engaging that I cannot help but feel motivated. I cannot wait to see where his journey takes me."
Lauren-Ann Stretton
Make-Up Artist
"Phil is a unique coach who has the right blend of practical advice together with his motivating character. As I was coaching by Phil I realised it was clear he had spent deliberate amounts of time immersing himself in his craft and his coaching skills are no less a testament to that. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone who wants to realise their unlocked potential and reach the highest levels of success across all areas of their life."
Josh Coleman
I am eternally grateful to you Coach Phil for helping me on my journey. You are passionate, devoted, inspirational, relatable and insightful. Truly, you go above and beyond to make the material you teach captivating. This experience has genuinely been life-changing for me."
Carla Piñate
Restaurant Manager
"Coach Phil helped me getting my mindset right towards my life goals, university, and building my own business. I can recommend Coach Phil to people who have a desire to be very successful. Phil will accelerate your speed to success, like he did to me. Thanks a lot, Coach Phil!"
Matthew Matti
Business Owner

“Success is a continual journey of curiosity. It’s not about what you have, but who you can become.”

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live a Passion-Filled Life Doing What You Love





The online program material includes all the videos, worksheets and written material, which combines the 3 ways of learning: audio, visual, kinaesthetic. There are practical tools, exercises and supporting material to learn and apply the concepts, so they become part of you and your mindset.


The Facebook group allows you to engage with other members and be in the positive environment needed for growth and success. You will find accountability partners, exclusive content and live videos. Discuss the lessons, share tips & insights, and surround yourself with other like-minded individuals.


The weekly group coaching calls gets everyone together and keeps you aligned and inspired, ensuring you can keep pushing forward towards your goal. The personal one-to-one coaching each month is your very own tailored, personal session to make sure you are on track, and any obstacles are dealt with, on your journey.

Frequently asked questions

The Success Mindset Program is broken down into 3 parts; the online material, the clients only Facebook group, and the personal coaching. The online material covers the 3 areas of learning, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (action), teaching you the fundamentals of achieving access. The Facebook group allows you to collaborate with other like-minded individuals on the program, and the personal coaching gives tailored advice to make sure you are moving towards your goals at an accelerated rate.

The program helps you discover your purpose, dreams and goals. There is a process you go through to create or find your passions and purpose, and we dive deep into this for you on the personal coaching sessions. Worrying about how you can get there before you make the decision to try is what actually holds most people back.

Some people think coaching is only for people who feel lost or stuck. Definitely not! Although the program helps with that, the purpose of the Success Mindset Program is to accelerate you towards what you want. Gaining a clarity on your vision, can be learnt. And if you already have a vision, or dream, we can break it down into manageable goals and targets and help you get there much faster, dealing with the obstacles along the way, such as fear, overwhelm, uncertainty, self-doubt etc.

No! It’s the age of the entrepreneur! Schooling and formal education is good to have, but its not actually an essential component for success. Look at the amount of self-made millionaires and billionaires with little to no formal education, and look at the amount of people with Masters and PHDs, who didn’t end up in the job they studied for, or ended up in the menial 9 – 5 jobs, they get no pleasure or satisfaction from. I mean, if you are happy in your job, great, but if you are just doing what everyone else does, or you drifted into that career because you didn’t know how to get where you really wanted to do, then maybe its time to for change. There are many other more important factors to success that are not taught in school. Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune. 

All you need is the will to change is a positive attitude. These things alone will take you far in life. We don’t have control over much else, but allowing yourself to believe change is possible, is the first step on the path to succeeding. So having that desire to change and believing a better future is possible, is all you need. Commit to believing in yourself and let’s fast track to where you want to be in life.

You simply click the “Sign Up” link on this page, and choose the option that works best for you. Then you will receive an email with your login details and Coach Phil Hunter will reach out and contact you to arrange a short 20 minute introductory session to explain more on how to get the best out of this program.

“Helping You Live a Passion-Filled Life Doing What You Love
By Unlocking Your Potential.”


Freedom and Passion – Do you believe it’s possible?
I do, and so do my clients. Freedom is the ability to live your truth at the highest level and live a life you are truly passionate about. Freedom to use your mind to create a life of design, and master your health, finances, career, relationships and lifestyle.
If you believe it’s possible, you’re halfway there. Let me to empower you to take that next step in life, to coach you and make it happen. Life coaching is transformational, and it’s my passion; to transform lives through the Success Mindset Program.

Coach Phil Hunter

live a Passion-Filled Life Doing What You Love