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Freedom and PassionDo you believe it’s possible? When Phil Hunter started chasing his dream 3 years ago, he did. He was ready for change. On that journey, he figured out how to live an authentic life, and got to experience what true freedom meant. For him (and most of his clients), freedom is the ability to live your truth at the highest level and live a life you are truly passionate about. Freedom to use your gifts and mind to create a life of design. Freedom over your finances, health, mentality and lifestyle. Not only must you believe it’s possible for you, but let’s show you how life coaching can make it happen for you. You are going to learn about life coaching, how it can impact you, and peak a glimpse at the Success Mindset Program. How it’s used to help you achieve success, and show you that you already have what it takes to create your own freedom-filled life. Enjoy this Life Coaching Crash Course and feel free to reach out via email or Facebook if you have any questions! Your new life is waiting for you!

Coach Phil Hunter


Here's a quick walkthrough of this Life Coaching Crash Course

Discover the strength inside you to overcome obstacles, achieve success, and create a meaningful, fulfilling life. Why do certain people succeed while others fail? What is the key to a life of achievement and fulfilment? Phil Hunter asked himself those questions when he began his journey towards personal success, and after studying the world’s happiest and most successful people, he found it. We all want to improve, but most of us don’t have a clue where, or how, to begin. This Crash Course contains concrete, easy-to-use tools to break through barriers and create the results you desire. Coach Phil will guide you to uncover what you truly want and how to achieve it. Learn, grow, expand, improve and take control of your own psychology as you destroy your negative thoughts and turn them into powerful forces that fuel your success.

Lasting Strategies

Lesson 1

Find Your Purpose And Create Your Goals

Learn to close the gap between dreams and reality in this lesson by finding your purpose and creating some goals to move you forward and build momentum to your new life of passion and success. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea what you want to do, where your true passions lie or what your purpose might be. The outcome you want to achieve with this lesson is getting started and moving in the direction you want for your life, or become clearer in that direction. Direction is more important than speed, choose what you want from life, such as more freedom, wealth, better lifestyle, relationships, career, to work remotely or travel. Focus on the areas of life that are important to you and accelerate your growth towards your own personal success.

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Lesson 2

Your Belief System And How You Can Use It To Achieve Success

Let’s dive in and explore your belief system and how beliefs drive your behaviour, as well as taking a look at limiting beliefs. The mind is broken down into 2 main areas, the conscious and the subconscious, and your beliefs live in the subconscious autopilot mind. Beliefs can be empowering and give you permission to move towards your goals and live by your values, but they can also hold you back and limit you, making goals and dreams impossible, by leading you to believe you’re not capable of getting them, or linking those beliefs to an excuse you create, to avoid the pain you associate with doing it. How you think determines your behaviour and actions, which determines the results get in life. This is why thoughts, thinking, mindset, is a huge component of success.

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Powerful Change

Lesson 3

Becoming The Person You Need To Be To Achieve Your Vision

The purpose of a big goal and dream is to unlock more of your potential and what you are capable of, and move you towards doing what you love. In order to achieve that dream, you have to become the person you need to be in order to achieve it. You have everything you need already inside you, the key to unlock that potential. Understand how you can reach your goals by applying this method. It’s a secret to success and it’s been around for many years, yet only a small number of people know about it. It’s used in sports psychology, bodybuilding, public speaking, and many other peak performance areas. Anyone who has every achieved success, understands some variation of this concept, which is essential in reaching your goals.

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Lesson 4

How To Live With Passion And Not From Lack

Gratitude is one of the simplest tools you can use, which can have the biggest impact, produce the best results, and add the most value to your life in terms of your happiness and passion. Most people operate from a place of lack, from never feeling like they are good enough or have enough. Living in lack can be harmful or stunt your personal development and growth, and thus, leads to the dulling of the senses and emotions. It stops you from being authentic and putting your best self out there, by making you lose your drive, vigour and motivation for life. Passion is described as “a powerful feeling; a strong and barely controllable emotion.” It’s the opposite of living in lack. It’s finding and living with a healthy obsession for the achievement of your life goals, and the discovery of your own true potential. It produces drive, motivation, and a love for life.

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The Success Mindset Program helps you gain clarity on the direction you want your life to go, and then takes you there. A personal coaching program to change your life, teaching you how to overcome obstacles and reach success. Using techniques from Life Coaching, NLP, Holistic Approaches and Positive Psychology, you can learn how to reprogram your mind for success. Creating change is really quite simple, with the right process and people in your life, you can achieve great things. But it’s a choice that only you can decide to make! The Success Mindset Program helps you unlock your potential and live a life by design.


Live a Passion-Filled Life Doing What You Love
By Creating Lasting Strategies and Powerful Change




Live a Passion-Filled Life Doing What You Love By Creating Lasting Strategies and Powerful Change